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Vidal says Messi’s red card was unfair

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The Chilean believes his Barcelona teammate shouldn’t have been sent off of the 2019 Copa America Third Place match.

In yesterday’s 2019 Copa America Third Place Match, Argentina’s superstar Lionel Messi was sent off together with Chilean player Gary Mendel after they crashed while battling for the ball.

And the Barcelona footballer was so angry he claimed the refereeing was bad and the CONMEBOL was corrupt.

His words were echoed by his Blaugrana teammate, Arturo Vidal, who said the red card was unfair.

“I think Argentina had things go against them when they played Brazil,” Vidal told Marca.

“It was unfair, just like when they sent us to a hotel two hours away from the stadium to play against Colombia.”

“Clearly they got ahead of themselves, they didn’t touch faces, there was nothing serious,” he explained about Messi and Mendel’s clash.

“Two shoves with the chest isn’t a red card.”

He also questioned the validity of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology: “VAR is used in a different way in Europe, in South America, they have to learn.”