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Vidal talks about all things Barcelona

Arturo Vidal, Chile
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The Chilean international talked about how he feels right now with his club in the Spanish La Liga tournament and what he can expect in the future.

Midfielder Arturo Vidal is in Alicante on international duty with the Chile national team.

And he took some time to speak everything he could about his Spanish La Liga side Barcelona.

“I still think I have a lot to give here and to achieve everything I said I would when I arrived,” he said according to the team’s official website.

“I came to win, to help the team do what it needs to do and win titles. I want it all. I know it’ll be difficult but we have the players to do it.”

Vidal added: “The season got off to an awkward start, but I think we’re all now confident that we’re getting it right. We hope to continue improving from here on and end winning three trophies at the end of the season.”

“You always have to be ready at Barça. When you’re at the best team in the world you always have to be ready to take your chances and go out and help the team.”

“I felt very comfortable against Inter. When I go on I just think about taking everything I have onto the pitch and helping my teammates in any way I can to get the win,” he commented.

“There are often very similar players in midfield, but my role is a very different one. Attack, defend, cover a lot of meters and always play to the full.”

“I have very different qualities to the likes of Arthur, Busquets and De Jong… Ivan is a bit more like me but we are still very different too,” Vidal said.

“Real Madrid is always strong. They have good players and have made good signings. They are always our most direct rival, but it is important to keep improving.”