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Video – Amazing Totti can still work his magic

Francesco Totti, Roma
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An amazing video has emerged of Roma legend Francesco Totti showing off his amazing ability with a football.

A video has emerged of Italy and Roma legend Francesco Totti playing what appears to be futsal.

Totti who retired from playing football as a professional back in 2017, has apparently taken up playing futsal.

Totti was a one-man club with AS Roma for the duration of his career. He managed an amazing 785 appearances, with 307 goals and 139 assists.

It appears though that he has not given up the sport he loves entirely.

Reports suggest he was taking place in some kind of local eight a- side tournament. He was, of course, donning his famous number ten.

The video shows Totti taking a speedy run and striking the ball as he so famously did with the outside of his boot.

The ball whips around the two-man wall, over the head of a hapless defender and into the top corner out of the keepers reach.

Totti turns and is mobbed by his teams, the look on his face quite simply tells the world “I’ve still got it!”