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Video – Birthday pranked policeman enters a riot to find a “birthday cake”

Riot Police
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A policeman was called into action to get in the middle of an apparent riot in the terraces, only to find he had been suckered into a birthday prank.

As the game between Afyonspor’s and 1922 Konyaspor was underway, there appeared to be trouble in the stands.

Shouting and provoking appeared to turn into pushing and shoving.

This looked to be a full-scale riot as arms were being flung all over the place and apparent punches were being thrown.

It was time for local law enforcement to get involved.

Well one of them at least.

Officer Engin Cakin was called into action. Cakin goes right into the heart of the battle, in an attempt to break it up.

He gets into the thick of the action to find the fans stopped turning on each other and turned to him.

Fortunately enough though, it was all part of an elaborate choreographed prank to pull off a birthday surprise.

They sang and cheered for their favorite riot police officer, and even pulled out a candlelit birthday cake.

Check it out.

According to Goal, Cakin was thrilled.

He said:

“Sometimes we have to get face to face with fans.”

“That’s why I’m really surprised and happy about this. This shows, whatever happens, their love and support for us.”

“I’m glad and proud to have received this kind of love and support.”