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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo is back in training for Juventus

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According to video evidence released today, Cristiano Ronaldo is back from his holiday and training back with Juventus for a new season. 

Even though we’ve already seen him hanging out with some fans in Continassa for the pre-season, we needed video evidence of Ronaldo back in training with Juventus. The Italian club released a couple of clips of the star stepping on the training pitch alongside the rest of his teammates. This leaves all speculation on the side after finally making the choice to begin a new season with the Old Lady. Cristiano is going on his fourth year with the Italian giants and he will try to get the throne back in Serie A.

After Inter Milan’s upset last season, Ronaldo is back and hungry for more titles with the current squad under Massimiliano Allegri. When the previous season ended, we initially believed Juventus was forced to sell Ronaldo in order to prevent a massive debt. However, the club managed to fulfill its obligations and keep their biggest star for one more season. But his decision to remain at the club also has some important ramifications that we are about to break down. 

Ronaldo might leave next season for free. 

With two years left on his contract, Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to stay at Juventus can only mean one thing. By this time next season, he will be able to negotiate with a new club for free if he chooses. As you all know, Cristiano already said he is willing to keep playing until he is 40 years old. We still don’t know if he will continue his career in Europe at the highest level but he might be able to do it if Zlatan can. Keep in mind that Ibrahimovic is already pushing on 40 years old and he is still playing at an elite level for AC Milan.

Cristiano could easily decide to sign one last major contract for Juventus later this year and truly retire at the highest level. All the rumors linking him to clubs like PSG will have to rest for now. Only a last-minute decision from the player could force him out of the club before the end of the current transfer window. For now, Juventus can rest easy knowing they have Ronaldo secured for next season.