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Video: Dario Benedetto talks about his future

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The Argentinean footballer has been linked to Olympique Lyon in the French Ligue 1, but he has said he’s happy staying at Boca Juniors.

There have been some rumors that Argentinean forward Dario Benedetto was set to leave Boca Juniors to join French Ligue 1 club Olympique Lyon.

But after a match played in Tijuana, Mexico, the Xeneizes attacker has come out to speak about his future with the club.

“There’s nothing, while there’s is not a concrete offer, we cannot talk about anything,” he told Ronaldo.com

“To be honest I’m happy with Boca, and I will continue to be so.”

He explained: “I’m very grateful to life for giving me this privilege, and I will continue enjoying every moment here.”

Benedetto played for Club Tijuana a few years ago, and he spoke about what it meant to him as a footballer.

“I’m happy to be back to this city again; this club has taught me a lot, and has given a lot to my career,” he said.

“It was a bridge for my career and I’m very thankful to Xolos.”

“I hope one day I can come back to Mexico, they have always treated me well, and I’m proud of have worn the Xolos jersey,” the Argentinean concluded.