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Video – Disgusting footage of abuse hurled at United’s Lingard

Jesse Lingard, Manchester United
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Video footage has emerged of so-called fans shouting abuse at Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard.

Only 24 hours earlier Eric Dier went over the hoardings to confront an abusive fan in Tottenham’s game against Norwich. After United’s clash with Derby, as the players got on the team bus, a so-called fan hurled abuse at Jesse Lingard.

The Manchester United player either had his music on so loud he couldn’t hear the abuse or he simply rose above it and ignored it.

The obnoxious member of the crowd was picked up on cameras shouting.

He shouted over and over:

“F*** off, Jesse, you’re s***!”

That was followed by:

“Zero goals and zero assists in 2019, you’re dead.”

It is no secret Lingard has been far from his best over the last 12 months at least. However, even the most die-hard United fan is condemning the action.