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Video game opens door for fan to work at his hometown club

Belgrade, Serbia
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The Football Manager video game has been used by a Serbian fan to take his favorite club FK Bezanija to glory, and now he gets a chance at the real deal.

Football Manager has been praised as one of the most realistic sports simulation video games in history.

And thanks to his virtual success, a 22-year-old fan from Belgrade, Serbia, is now working for his favorite club FK Bezanija.

“I’m not going to brag but I am somewhat of a legend in my Football Manager universe,” Andrej Pavlovictold SPORTbible.

“I reached out to them with my achievements on FM and suggested I could help them. I didn’t expect they would call me.”

“We just had a friendly chat and the club director asked me if I could come on Saturday for the first game to see how things go. I suggested I could help them out but I didn’t expect they would call me,” he added.

“I really couldn’t believe it. I was shocked but when we talked they asked me if I could volunteer for them as they are in a rough spot financially.”

“I kept it short for the report, targeting some interesting attack/defense statistics,” he said.

“If the chance occurs, I would love a career in football as a scout or data analyst, something that has been my dream for a long time and something I do pretty well.”

The fan concluded: “Currently I am not paid by FK Bežanija but I do this because I love the club and the job.”

“I hope to be paid by a club in the future for doing something I love.”