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Video: Good news for 2022 World Cup fans, there will be alcohol!

World Cup
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Nasser Al Khater, one of the Qatar 2022 organizers has confirmed there will be Alcohol at the World Cup as they hope to accommodate everyone’s cultures.

The World Cup is just about 1000 days away and there are many reasons why this edition promises to be spectacular.

Not just because it’s holding around November but also because it’s being hosted by a country with rich culture in Qatar.

Seeing as the Arabian nation have become major partakers in footballing events lately, many are tipping the World Cup in Qatar to be one with class and a all-round wonderful experience for tourists.

The Arabian Gulf Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup were recently held in Qatar and they look to host the biggest one yet in the next edition of the World Cup.

Although many fans have wondered what the atmosphere would be like..considering the country has many rules set aside.

For alcohol-loving fans, they can now cross any doubts off their mind as we now have official info that there would indeed be alcohol for fans and tourists alike.

Speaking in an official interview with Nasser Al Khater, one of the Qatar 2022 organizers, he gave us his thoughts on how they are planning ahead to host the event.

An important piece from the interview was Al Khater revealing there will be alcohol available for fans.

The recently concluded FIFA Club World Cup had a Fan Zone which served as alcohol to fans and it has now been confirmed that Qatar 2022 will be following suit as well.

“When it comes to the question of alcohol, it’s a question often asked about us” Al Khater said.

“We’ve said this many times before, alcohol is not part of our culture, however hospitality is part of our culture”

“We’re very hospitable people and we understand that alcohol is a part of many people’s cultures, so alcohol is available”.

That all but confirms there will be alcohol at the next World Cup and fans can have good drinks while they cheer their teams in style.