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Video – Hilarious commentator brings Martins out of retirement

Obafemi Martins, Michael Obafemi
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A commentator brought Obafemi Martins out of retirement for just a moment, his a hilarious slip-up.

Obafemi Martins hasn’t played a football game in over a year. But for just a split second tonight, he was back in the Premier League, according to Sky Sports Chris Kamara.

Chris Kamara was commentating for Sky Sports on tonight’s Premier League game between Crystal Palace and Southampton.

As he rattled off some game information and let the public know that the Saints were dominating the game, with none other than “Obafemi Martins” upfront.

As his fellow pundits in the studio fellow about in fits of laughter, Kamara realized his error.

Kamara’s gaffe began in typical excitable fashion as he attempted to bring the game to life.

“Obafemi Martins playing up front instead of Danny… Oh no not Obafemi Martins, what’s his name?”

“Obafemi someone!”

He corrected himself, saying:

“Micheal Obafemi, that’s it.”

“I knew there was an Obafemi in there somewhere.”

Great job Chris, keep up the good work.

Check it out and have a laugh at Chris Kamara’s classic blooper.