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Video: Hilarious mistake by goalkeeper costs his team dearly

Birighitti, Central Coast Mariners goalkeeper
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Football remains a unique sport because one moment can totally change everything.

Central Coast Mariners goalkeeper Mark Birighitti will be having some sleepless nights after a mistake that cost his side further embarrassment.

The A-league are known for their high scoring tendencies but this particular one is surely one to be questioned with full scrutiny.

Trailing 2-1 down and with 30 seconds to go, a simple backpass from a defender was hilariously miscued by the goalkeeper.

Birighitti attempted to do a silly flick which even looks funnier considering he slipped at the end.

The clip went viral on Twitter and was the subject of humor to many viewers. Some even went on to say the goal was “fixed”.

The resulting corner from his miscued backpass led to a goal that compounded a disappointing loss for the Mariners.

We don’t know if that goal was normal but for sure it looks one of the silliest goals to concede in the final 30 seconds of stoppage time.