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Video – Hilarious Pogba Instagramming from hospital

Paul Pogba
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Paul Pogba posted a hilarious Instagram video updating his fans from his hospital bed after ankle surgery.

Paul Pogab was in good spirits after his ankle surgery.

In fact, his smiling jovial attitude may suggest he was still feeling the effects of anesthesia.

The Manchester United midfielder was in good spirits and cracking jokes, even if he was a little unsure of his state of mind.

“Guys, I’m making a video on Instagram.”

“I don’t know if okay if I’m high if I’m sober. I don’t look sober.”

“I see my ankle like that, I can’t really feel my toes. But I’m still alive, that’s the good news! I’ll keep you updated.”

“People told me I look drunk, but I didn’t drink alcohol.”

“They gave me some things in my arm.”

The confusion was borderline delirium but the World Cup winner was in good spirits.

He shared a brief glimpse of the offending ankle, before engaging in an apparently confused debate with hospital staff over food.

Pogba was either confused or dreading the thought of eating. Apparently he was not too sure about “strawberry spread.”

He added:

“I need a haircut. The best guy that cuts hair, let me know after the operation.”

“I’ve still got a smile! I’m blessed I’m still alive.”

“Everything went well. I don’t know what I remember.”

Unfortunately, he may take some stick from the guys when he returns after confusing apple juice and urine.

“I thought I could drink my pee-pee, it looks like apple juice.