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Video: Ozil declares Ronaldo as the GOAT of the 2010s decade

Mesut Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo, GOAT
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There can only be one GOAT and, as far as Mesut Ozil is concerned, Cristiano Ronaldo has been the world’s best-attacking player for the last 10 years.

Picking the greatest player of all-time, aka ‘The GOAT’, or any top performer in a sport can be a tough ask. So why not leave it for a World Cup winner in Ozil, to answer?

The German playmaker has played at the highest level for almost 15 years after emerging at Schalke. He’s since played for some of Europe’s biggest clubs, like Real Madrid and Arsenal, and witnessed the biggest talents in action up close.

Now Ozil has answered the question that few footballers dare to answer by naming the best-attacking star of the last 10 years using a 16-player tournament format with the Arsenal YouTube channel.

Obviously no Arsenal players were allowed in this quiz, but Ozil certainly sprang a few surprises on us. Who would’ve thought to pick Arjen Robben over Luis Suarez and Neymar? Or how about Karim Benzema besting Lionel Messi, huh?

Here are the full results of Ozil’s tournament.

Final 16

Lewandowski vs Salah – Lewandowski
Ibrahimovic vs Benzema – Benzema
Iniesta vs Bale – Iniesta
David Silva vs Messi – Messi

Ronaldo vs Sterling – Ronaldo
Di Maria vs Aguero – Di Maria
Neymar vs Hazard – Neymar
Robben vs Suarez – Robben


Lewandowski vs Benzema – Benzema
Iniesta vs Messi – Messi
Ronaldo vs Di Maria – Ronaldo
Neymar vs Robben – Robben


Benzema vs Messi – Benzema
Ronaldo vs Robben – Ronaldo


Ronaldo vs Benzema – Ronaldo