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Video – Pogba back at work only 24 hours after surgery

Paul Pogba, manchester united
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Paul Pogba may be accused of many things but when it comes to putting in the work, there are few that are ahead of the Manchester United man

Only 24 hours ago Paul Pogba was posting a video after his ankle operation.

So soon after his surgery was the video taken, that the Manchester United midfielder was still under the influence of anesthesia.

It would be expected that after such a procedure, a couple of days rest at least would be in order.

Maybe for the average joe or your everyday footballer. But this is the excentric high paced World Cup winner we are talking about.

Pogba went right back to strength and conditioning workouts to keep the rest f this body in tip-top shape.

Sporting a Valencia shirt of his friend Geoffrey Kondogbia he completed an intense physical workout.

The video was accompanied by the comment ” no time to waste, back at it again.”

This will be welcomed news for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or Zinedine Zidane. Depending of course on where you believe Pogba is going to be playing his football next.