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Video – Pogba increase his recovery workout

Paul Pogba, Manchester United
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Paul Pogba has increased his recovery workout, but when will he be fit for Manchester United?

Paul Pogba has taken to his official Instagram account with another update on his recovery from ankle surgery.

The video is simply tagged with the comment, “now the real things.”

You can hear the French superstar saying at the start of his video, “it’s only been four weeks since surgery,” then he added, “it’s feeling good!”

The Manchester United man has kept his fans regularly updated on his progress.

From the hours that came after his surgery when he was still under the influence of anesthesia.

To now his latest intense workout, where he can be seen putting more and more pressure on the recovering ankle.

Noticeably there is no protective boot like in his last video.

However, equally noticeable is that there is no sign of him working with a ball as yet.

The question on everyone’s lips is when will he be fit again to resume duty on the football field.

There was talk of possibly as soon as Chelsea this coming Monday, but that seems highly unlikely.

Check out his latest efforts to get fit, what do you think when will he be back in action?