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VIDEO: Ronaldo breaks the lock against Hellas Verona

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After a boring first half, Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored another goal to break the lock against Hellas Verona in today’s Serie A match. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is starting to find his ideal form after tonight’s performance against Hellas Verona. Juventus paid them a visit with the hope Ronaldo could help them get past a complicated venue. Initially, the locals managed to keep the Portuguese star at bay throughout the first half. In fact, we suffered through a boring 45 minutes in which Cristiano barely had any chances to score.

But Andrea Pirlo decided to shake things up a bit during the second half and Ronaldo was benefited from it. Federico Chiesa was the man who found Cristiano early in the second half after Arthur Melo found him from the deep. As soon as Cristiano took the assist in front of the goalkeeper, you just knew he was going to score. After Juventus’ first goal, Cristiano got a lot more confident on the ball. 

Ronaldo leads the goal-scoring table. 

With this goal, Cristiano Ronaldo gets to 19 in Serie A this season. That is two goals above Romelu Lukaku, who is the one closest to him. If he continues in this form, Cristiano has many options to win his first-ever Capocannioniere title in Italian football. So far, Ronaldo already won the Premier League’s top-scorer title and the Spanish Pichichi.

If he wins the one from Serie A, he would be the first footballer in history to accomplish this feat. As if this monster of a player wasn’t already a legend. Getting this feat would elevate his name even higher than right now, but Cristiano doesn’t surprise us anymore. This is just business as usual for him.