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VIDEO: Ronaldo gets robbed of the winner vs Serbia

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In a shocking snake where Portugal clearly won the match against Serbia, the referee decided to disallow a clear Ronaldo goal. 

VAR exists to prevent scandalous scenes like the ones Ronaldo gave us in the match between Portugal and Serbia. It was the second World Cup Qualifier of the week and the reigning European Champions were after a new victory. Cristiano Ronaldo had been trying to score his 103rd goal for his country with no success thus far. He finally had a chance to get it during the final minute of the game in Belgrade.

At simple glance, understanding what happened becomes quite complicated for anybody. The ref decided that Ronaldo’s shot didn’t cross the goal line, but the replay told the world another story. As soon as Cristiano saw that it crossed, he even started celebrating. But he immediately became angry as the goal was disallowed, he even made a scene that we are about to show you down below. 

VAR needs to happen in the Qualifiers. 

If FIFA decided to start using VAR during the World Cup Qualifiers, things like this would happen less often. This time, Ronaldo was the player affected by a decision that was clearly wrong from Dutch referee, Danny Makkelie. We still have to get a reaction from the man of the hour and see what he will do publicly.

Hopefully, his message falls more in line with demanding VAR for this competition. Talking about intentional decisions from the red will take Cristiano nowhere, he needs to think clearly while doing this. For now, Portugal will have to settle with one point and the entire world siding with them against this gross mistake. It is simply unforgivable regardless of your allegiances.