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VIDEO: Ronaldo nets a brace on his return to Serie A

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After the long international break, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace for Juventus on his return to Serie A against Cagliari in Turin. 

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to his winning ways tonight against Cagliari in Serie A. The Portuguese forward took most of the first half to make an impact in tonight’s game back from the international break. In a complicated match that took Juventus a long time to break Cagliari’s lock this evening, Ronaldo was ready to leave his impact. Just minutes before half-time, he scored a beautiful long-range goal that opened the scoreboard for his side.

It was a classic Ronaldo solo effort from the left side of the pitch that made us remember he is still at the top of his game. But Cristiano wasn’t happy with just one goal before the break, he kept looking for more ways to increase Juventus’ advantage at home. We saw him more lively than before the international break after getting eliminated from the Nations League. 

Ronaldo nets the brace before the break. 

Right when we thought he was about to go to the break with his initial goal, Cristiano Ronaldo responded in style. During a corner kick for Juventus, he was wide open in the far post. After a header from Demiral, Cristiano scored his brace while stumbling with very a narrow-angle to maneuver.

With this brace before half-time, Cristiano Ronaldo is on track to get a new hat-trick in Serie A in order to widen his impressive stats. Playing like this, we believe the Juventus star can help the Bianconeri get a historic result against Cagliari by the time the final whistle blows at Allianz Stadium in Turin.