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VIDEO: Ronaldo steals away Morata’s goal

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, UEFA Champions League
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Cristiano Ronaldo has hit the net on Juventus’s 3-0 win over Dynamo Kyiv. The Portuguese international took the opportunity to score as the ball bounced between Morata and Bushchan.

Ronaldo has hit another important mark after scoring his 750th career goal. The recent Golden Foot winner ran fast up the left-side and made sure the ball was in after Morata’s efforts.

Juventus had already qualified, but that doesn’t mean they eased Dynamo Kyiv’s challenge. The Bianconeri cruised through the match with Ronaldo back on the first-team. Juve sealed their fifth win in the Champions League group stage, while Ronaldo scored his second goal in this edition.

Juventus fans only had to wait an hour to see their star player do what he does best. However, Alvaro Morata might have been less pleased as he was denied the top scorer position in the Champions League.

Ronaldo might be getting a deja-vu tonight given the goal’s circumstances. At least this time there was no offside ruling, and the players can all enjoy a great win.