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Video: Ronaldo stuns Russian fans with his impressive language skills

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible talents go beyond the football pitch as these Russian fans discovered to their great surprise.

We already know what an extraordinary footballer Ronaldo is, but what about outside the game? His other talents often go under the radar, with most people only aware of his brilliant business skills after building an empire.

Ronaldo is also trilingual as he can speak Portuguese, Spanish, and English fluently.

And now it appears he has, at least, some Russian in him as well after a social media user asked him whether he could speak the East Slavic language.

Cristiano responded in an Instagram live chat by saying: “Na zdorovie (to your health), kak dela (how are you?), and khorosho (good).”

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner used a military salute as a final touch to his response.

Russian social media users were impressed and took to the comments to praise his brilliant language skills.

“Good job, Ronaldo. I respect you and especially for your kindness and positivity,” wrote a user as translated by Sputnik.

Another wrote: “That was impressive, comrade Ronaldo!”

“Good lord, he is so tired of being in quarantine that he started speaking Russian!” added a third user.

And, finally, this Russian fan commented: “It’s amazing what people can do if they want to get Russian vaccine against coronavirus.”