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VIDEO: Ronaldo suits up to support Juventus vs Barcelona

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In a funny skit probably done from the comfort of his home, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to show support to Juventus against Barcelona today. 

Although he is missing the Juventus vs Barcelona match today due to Covid, Cristiano Ronaldo seems like he is staying in good spirits. We all expected him to be part of this match against Leo Messi right after the draw took place but the pandemic had other plans. The star got infected with the virus right after the international break when he traveled to Portugal. Even though he waited for his body to fight it off, he is no Zlatan Ibrahimovic to kick it out of his system in a matter of days.

Yesterday’s bad news hit everybody hard but Ronaldo doesn’t let this minor setback get to him. Even though he already complained about the PCR tests and their validity, he still respected the rules as any professional would do. With the game just moments away from kick-off, he decided to send some emotional support to his teammates. 

Ronaldo is all suited up for the match against Messi.

It happened through a video he just posted on his official social media accounts. Cristiano Ronaldo is riding his stationary bike while wearing his full Juventus kit. As soon as the camera gets him, Cristiano jumps from his bike and makes that familiar ‘Siiiiiiii!!!’ celebration as he turns around to show his number ‘7’. That’s about as much as he will get to experience playing against FC Barcelona today.

We all wish he was on the pitch to play another match against his fiercest rival but we are going to have to wait. At least he took wearing the full kit out of his system but let’s face it! We will all miss Cristiano Ronaldo playing at Allianz Arena this evening. There’s no way of knowing if Juventus will manage to hold Leo Messi tonight, but Ronaldo would’ve certainly motivated the Argentine to play at the top of his game. Get well soon, ‘Commander’…