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VIDEO: Ronaldo with the brace against FC Barcelona

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At the start of the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace at Camp Nou during his performance against FC Barcelona tonight. 

After scoring the opening goal against FC Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo got to score his brace right after half time. There was another penalty after a handball committed by Clement Lenglet that gave Cristiano his chance to score his second goal of the evening.

With this in mind, the ref decided to use VAR in order to call for the penalty because he missed it live. Ronaldo didn’t hesitate with a well-placed shot to the other side of Ter Stegen’s decision. Juventus is already winning this match with a 0-3 scoreboard against a weak FC Barcelona.

If the Italian giants don’t allow Barcelona to pull one back, they will keep the top of Group G in the Champions League. All the Bianconeri needed was three goals and for Barça to not score a single one. So far, so good. 

Ronaldo wins the duel against Messi.

It is quite disappointing that we still haven’t’ gotten a proper match where Messi and Ronaldo’s squads are playing at a high level. We always expect a top performance from both but we always get disappointed with the result. After Barcelona’s performance this evening, we can’t expect them to meet further in the tournament this season. Perhaps none of them will make it to the final and we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get the matchup we want. It’s even possible we might never get it.