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Video – sick skills from Ronaldo embarrasses Smalling

cristiano ronaldo, juventus
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Ronaldo was up to his old tricks again as he showed off some fancy footwork to leave Chris Smalling a little embarrassed.

Ronaldo led his team once again to victory. The Portuguese superstar did what he always does, scored goals.

However, the Juventus main man has more than just goals in his array of abilities on the football field.

In his early days at United, he was a dribbling wizard.

Sir Alex Ferguson signed him because of his bag of tricks with the ball at his feet. It left the United defenders mind blown in match against him.

So much so they begged Fergie to sign him from Sporting.

He made a name for himself, with his stepovers, twist turns and fakes. A defender’s worst nightmare, not knowing where he was going or what he was going to try.

Tonight at the tender age of 34 he showed off the skills of old. Quite frankly Roma defender Smalling didn’t have a clue what was going on.