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VIDEO: Teenage Ronaldo goes to school on a TV show

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The image of Cristiano Ronaldo, the amazing football player is very well known around the world. However, fans often wonder what Ronaldo was like before he rose to fame. In fact, footage from the Portuguese’s early days are quite rare as there weren’t as many cameras as there are nowadays.

Nevertheless, we are sometimes presented with rare glimpses of Cristiano’s life as a teenager. The young aspiring footballer was often described as a playful but quiet boy. However, this doesn’t mean that Ronaldo didn’t have a rebellious phase himself.

In fact, it is well known to the public that Cris was kicked out of school when he was 14 for throwing a chair at his teacher. After the incident, a teenage Ronaldo claimed that the professor had disrespected him and his family simply for being poor.

Regardless, the Cristiano Ronaldo presented to us on this rare clip is quite a different one. Clearly excited for being such a wildly popular TV show, the young academy player smiles and jumps up and down with his Sporting teammates. However, as the ‘class’ progresses Ronaldo turns quiet and shy. In fact, Cris was paying a lot of attention to his pretend book despite it being just a television sitcom. It almost looks like the youngster forgot he wasn’t there to actually learn anything.

Check-out the video below to get a glimpse of Cristiano’s early days. It is a rare clip where the famous footballer wasn’t the star of the show, although now he surely is.