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Video – That’s some CRIB Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City
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Benjamin Mendy shows off his house, which includes an indoor football pitch.

Manchester City star Benjamin Mendy has been showing off his living quarters.

In an interview with OTRO, the French World Cup winner gives a guided tour of his house.

The house which he purchased three years ago, is equipped with many luxuries including an indoor football pitch.

He explains this added feature comes into its own when his teammates like Riyad Mahrez and Raheen Sterling come over.

He said:

“When like Riyad (Mahrez) comes, (Raheem) Sterling comes, we put the net in the middle.

“You see the strap I put on the floor.

“It’s like the limit and we play two-touch.”

“You know, like tennis with feet, and we stay for two or three hours.”

Mendy even shows off some of his prized possessions such as a diamond-encrusted ring from Paul Pogba from the 2018 World Cup.