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Video: The 5 biggest lies ever told about Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Fame has a price, especially for a superstar like Ronaldo. Many things are said, but what’s true and not? Check out the biggest lies here.

It’s rare to find an athlete that can be recognized from pretty much every country on this planet. Most sports fans know the likes of Pele, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and so.

But in Cristiano Ronaldo, everybody knows who you’re talking about.

The Portuguese ace has lit up the football world ever since joining Manchester United in 2003 at age 18 and has since gone on to become perhaps the greatest footballer ever seen, with many legends attesting that to be the case.

And, in a time where privacy is almost non-existent in this digital age, Ronaldo has made headlines on an almost daily basis for just about anything in his life from football to even going out for a walk with his family.

False stories are part of the package, but what’s true and not?

Here a YouTube channel called ‘Oh My Goal’ has named the five biggest lies ever said about the GOAT.

For those who don’t fancy watching the video, here’s a quick list of the lies mentioned in the video.

  • Cristiano Jr – is he Ronaldo’s clone? & Where did he come from?
  • The ‘Penaldo’ nickname is too harsh – Only 17% of Ronaldo’s goals have come from penalties.
  • Ronaldo only scores against small teams like Levante and Granada.
  • The nature of his relationship with Georgina – It is real or just for show?
  • Ronaldo is a vegan?