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Video – Was Messi trying to be Ronaldo with the “chop?”

Lionel Messi
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Lionel Messi was not having a good night against Napoli, so at one point he tried to be Cristiano Ronaldo, even trying his famous “chop.”

Lionel Messi’s performance against Napoli has been heavily scrutinized, and come in for some serious criticism.

Messi himself cut a dejected figure on the San Paolo field.

His passes were off. His shooting boots were certainly not on as he failed to register a single shot on goal.

He was even given the run around by Napoli keeper David Ospina.

It has now come to light, that the only moment of magic which Messi conjured up, was a rip off from the Cristiano Ronaldo book of tricks.

Check out the original “Cristiano Ronaldo chop.”

Now, look at Messi’s rip ofo version.

It looks an awful lot like Lionel Messi plagiarized Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature move.

What do think, did Messi do “the chop?”