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Video – You will never forget Jordan Flores of Dundalk after you see this

Dundalk FC
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Jordan Flores of Dundalk FC has scored two absolute bangers in his last two games for the club.

If you didn’t know who Jordan Flores was before this, you certainly will after.

Flores plays his football with Dundalk FC of League of Ireland Premier Division.

He is an attacking midfielder who only arrived in the Irish league last month from England’s Wigan Athletic.

He may go down in Dundalk’s history after these two screamers.

The first came in Tuesday nights clash with Cork City.

There is a scramble for the ball on the edge of the box. It breaks in what appears to be an awkward way, but Flores takes it on his chest, and half volleys it.

The ball goes flying into the top corner leaving the keeper grasping at air.

A pretty good goal by anyone’s standards and would certainly come under the heading of screamer or banger.

However, if you were in any doubt after that take a look at number two.

This one came only four days later against Shamrock Rovers.

The corner comes in from the right-hand side and approaches Flores.

He strikes the ball at about head height with the most amazing ferocity and accuracy.

It flys through the air and into the back of the net.

Check it out you won’t believe your eyes!

Who’s with me, rewrite the definition of a “banger” to include the name, Jordan Flores!