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Video – you’ll never guess where the corner flag hits a fan?

Matt ritchie, Newcastle United
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In a highly exciting goal celebration, a corner flag goes flying and hits a fan, and you’ll never guess where?

Goal celebrations, can be things of beauty, get players into trouble, and in some cases get a fan a lot of pain.

It’s the dying seconds of Newcastle United versus Chelsea and Isaac Hayden grabs the winner for the toon army. The fans go wild and so do the players.

Although he didn’t score Newcastle’s Matt Ritchie has a habit of kicking the corner flag in celebration.

It was one of those occasions and rightly so it warranted some wild scenes.

As the players gather in jubilation an approach the ecstatic Toon army, here come’s Ritchie. Wham and the flag goes flying.

passed the stewards, over the advertising boards and into a fan.

But not just into him, this flag made beeline right for the poor guys nuts.

This guy got much more than he bargained for at the match.

Of course, his friends weren’t much help, they filmed him and could do nothing more than laugh at him.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?