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Vietnam’s coach is still proud of his team

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The Golden Dragons gave up a big fight against Japan, but couldn’t find the net and ended up losing 1-0 in the 2019 Asian Cup Quarterfinals.

The best result Vietnam has ever recorded in the AFC Asian Cup was the fourth place in 1956 and 1960.

But on those tournaments, there were only four teams presented, as the team couldn’t even win a single game.

The Golden Dragons then failed to qualify for the next tournaments, reaching the Quarterfinals in 2007 as they played at home.

And 12 years later, the team was back into the Quarterfinals, only to fail again to qualify to the Semifinals.

“For Vietnam to reach the quarterfinal was dramatic,” head coach Park Hang-seo said to The Khaleej Times.

“I think my players did their best in the competition — even though we lost against Japan today. My team showed great fighting spirit.”

“I am really satisfied,” he added.

“Reaching the quarterfinals here is dramatic. I never expected that we would reach the quarterfinals here. It’s a miracle.”

“But our team showed that we can do it. That we can fight any team. Of course, we are not as strong as Japan, Iran, and Iraq,” he commented.

“So for the Vietnam team, this experience of playing such strong teams could be very helpful to improve their level.”