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Vinicius becomes Solari’s new headache at Real Madrid

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After his latest performance against Girona in Copa del Rey, Brazilian Vinicius will become Santiago Solari’s new headache at Real Madrid.

Last Thursday’s Copa del Rey performance that Real Madrid offered against Girona revealed us many things, the main one was that Vinicius Junior is doing everything he can to become Santiago Solari’s greatest headache.

The Brazilian youngster just keeps improving as a player and making things increasingly more difficult for the Argentine manager, who just received the news that both Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio have returned from their injuries and already are training with their teammates.

This return from two of Real Madrid’s front men has sparked a debate to whether Vinicius should take one of their places or not, at least we know that Asensio will struggle a little more to play because Bale is still considered one of the club’s most important players.

The performance that Vinicius gave against Girona on Thursday at the Bernabeu had everything but a goal, he participated in most of the team’s offensive opportunities and was a constant danger for the Catalan club’s defenders with his slippery dribbling and natural impudence.

Marca reported a beautiful nutmeg he performed on Alcala.

Vinicius starts shining more at a time when the club really needs his talents but also when his teammates are only starting to perform better, their physical preparation has reached an important point that they were looking for and this only elevates the Brazilian’s contributions even higher.

The other motivation that ‘Vinny’ has to keep working hard in order to improve, is that Brazil manager ‘Tite’ already said that his age doesn’t matter and he will have an opportunity to play the upcoming Copa America in his country next summer.

Knowing that he will get the chance to prove himself and finally make his debut for the major squad in a big tournament, is an even bigger reason for Vinicius to get more competitive with his Real Madrid teammates and get manager Santiago Solari into a very tough situation when he has to decide on the players who will defend the club during crucial matches.

Even though it’s still too soon for the recently recovered players to make an immediate return, there is no doubt that Solari will already consider handing them some playing time for the upcoming La Liga match at Espanyol.

But we can expect Vinicius Junior to keep appearing amongst the players on the starting eleven for the next couple of matches, he proved that he has chemistry with absolutely everybody who wants to play alongside him regardless of the match.

The left wing is his own, Marcelo’s return to top form has helped him tremendously and he also proved that he can play very well with Karim Benzema.

It appears that this Brazilian starlet was meant to play for a club like Real Madrid, his progression just keeps picking up the pace and there may come a time when Santiago Solari accepts that he is the one who deserves to play all the matches with no other player competing against him.

Having ‘Vinny’ on the pitch secures chances on the left flank at all times, creativity to sent crosses from his boots, and a passive understanding with pretty much all the other Real Madrid players that the fans missed badly after Cristiano Ronaldo left the club last summer over a disagreement with president Florentino Perez.

We have a feeling that this player will do great things at Real Madrid, he came to the Spanish club to stay.

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