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Vinicius could get his first Real Madrid call-up

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After Julen Lopetegui’s last press conference, there is a general feeling that the manager will give Vinicius his first call-up for Real Madrid.

It appears that Real Madrid manager Julen Lopetegui might not only give Mariano his very first start in next Saturday’s match against Espanyol, he could also call-up Brazilian Vinicius for the first time since he became a Los Blancos player and may even give him a few minutes. During the last couple of days, the young Brazilian star has been captured by the cameras smiling all week alongside his teammates as he knows that he has done more than enough for Julen Lopetegui to consider giving him his first shot at a possible competitive match with the first squad. Vinicius has proved many times over with Real Madrid Castilla, that he is in a much different class compared to the other academy players that play for manager Santiago Solari. The youth squad actually considers that having Vinicius is a luxury that only a club like Real Madrid can afford, as the player did cost €45 million to president Florentino Perez. But his latest performances have proved the chairman right to spend that money, and have also given Lopetegui another fantastic option for the next gruesome month that the club has to endure with five matches in the span of the next two weeks.

But more than his performances with Real Madrid Castilla, it’s Vinicius naturality what has completely convinced Lopetegui that this is a player who is ready for his first La Liga match. He already knows himself as a top-class performer, but far from getting fame go to his head, Vinicius has shown sportsmanship and he has been a great sport about not getting his first call-up yet despite clearly being ready for the big leagues. The lad has been nothing but patient and very respectful to all of his academy teammates, a behavior that has earned him a spot in a 20-player list that Julen Lopetegui has made public to all the members of the squad this Friday and has Vinicius on it with a mark. The player’s situation is a special one because he actually has a very big chance of being part of the squad at the Bernabeu against Espanyol, but he also has the option to play with Castilla on Sunday against Cultural Leonesa. But there is a small detail that we have to consider with that match that Santiago Solari’s side will play.

Real Madrid Castilla is scheduled to travel this Saturday to Castile and Leon for Sunday’s match, this would get right in the middle of Vinicius’ chances to make Lopetegui’s list for Real Madrid against Espanyol because he would have to travel with the rest of the youth squad. But we all know that the Brazilian is a very special case, so the club has a specific plan for him to actually make it to both matches if Julen finally decides to give him his first call-up for the first squad. Vinicius would be a part of the team for the match against Espanyol in the morning, and he would travel on his own with a special envoy if he doesn’t get any minutes against Espanyol. This plan assures that the young player gets to enjoy Real Madrid’s match on the bench against the ‘Periquitos’ and that he gets to play for Castilla on Sunday, but there is also the option of him not traveling with Castilla in order to protect him from fouls in stadiums where the youth club is not local. But the main idea is that Lopetegui does need Vinicius during the game, because he already mentioned that he will need as much talent as he can get his hands on for the next five straight matches.

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