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Vinicius Jr. involved in Real Madrid COVID-19 error

Vinicius jr
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Real Madrid striker Vinicius Jr. has returned an erroneous COVID-19 test that was neither negative nor positive forcing the club to take action.

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane today confirmed that Brazilian sensation Vinicius Jr. has had to be isolated from the team at least temporarily.

The manager revealed that the decision was taken as a precaution by both the club and La Liga.

He is hopeful to have the player back by tomorrow once the error is cleared up.

Speaking to the club’s official website he said:

“The doctor told me that the test didn’t work properly and we’re going to do it again and we’ll get the results this afternoon.”

“He hasn’t tested positive, the test didn’t work properly. Sometimes there can be mistakes and you don’t get a negative or positive result. That can happen”.

The teenager has had a tough start to life in Spain, but surely Real Madrid will look to the youngster even more net season.