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Vinicius Jr p***es off the Real hardcore

Vinicius jr, Real Madrid
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Vinicius Jr is facing the wrath of the Real Madrid hardcore at the club after his latest antics.

Vincius Jr is apparently walking a tightrope at Madrid. His form of late has dipped and his attitude apparently needs a lot to be desired.

There is no doubting the player’s potential and he has come in for plenty of praise.

However, Madrid’s hardcore players like Ramos and Marcelo are growing tired of the young Brazilians focus on off-field matters rather than his football.

Then there was the fact he refused to participate in warm down exercises after the Getafe game. Vinicius only played 20 minutes but asked to be excused claiming to be too tired.

According to the Spanish outlet, Don Dario things have reached breaking point in the dressing room.

Okdiario’s chief pundit Eduardo Inda, believes Vinicius is set to feel the full wrath of his teammates and boss.

“It’s a rap of the dressing room and the club for Vinicius. They say he has become a holiday hit.

“He has pissed them off that he didn’t want to train with the substitutes.”

“This has pissed off (coach Zinedine) Zidane and the hardcore of the locker room.”

“At the club, they also don’t like him doing more on social media than developing his game and improving his aim.”

The player himself has admitted he was warned you can go from hero to zero very quickly with Los Blancos.