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Vintage Man United eliminates PSG through Rashford

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With a double by Lukaku during the first half, VAR decided that Man United would go through to the quarterfinals vs PSG at Park des Princes.

It was the PSG’s perfect opportunity to finally get past their ghosts of not transcending in the Champions League, their initial advantage against Manchester United at Old Trafford was a good start to play at Parc des Princes this Wednesday.

The Red Devils were coming in a very complicated state, with up to 10 absentee players for this match due to injuries or Paul Pogba’s suspension but they weren’t going to let those setbacks break their spirit.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer proved once again that he is the ideal man to remain as the club’s permanent coach, he was able to bring the best out of the available players he had in a very complicated away match against the French giants.

The game started with a shocking early goal from Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker got a gift from PSG’s defense and his current top form allowed him to feed hope to every single Red Devils’ supporter who was following this game up close.

Suddenly that initial disadvantage wasn’t so unattainable, Manchester United started believing that getting through to the quarterfinals was actually within the realm of possibilities.

The PSG players attempted to get their goal as soon as possible, it took them ten minutes to find it after Kylian Mbappe assisted Bernat and scored the equalizer for this match.

The French giants had a little time to breathe as they got ahead in the scoreline with a 3-1 aggregate, but Manchester United refused to give up until the very last minute.

The first half brought more mistakes from the PSG players, Gianluigi Buffon was the one who made it this time near the first half hour of the game as Marcus Rashford took a shot that the goalkeeper spits out right in front of Romelu Lukaku.

The Belgian striker was at the right spot in the perfect moment, he only pished the ball in the back of the net and made the Red Devils’ dream completely possible.

The remaining time from the first half was a defensive display from the English squad, they were determined to defend this result because they knew that only one goal separated them from getting that ticket to the quarterfinals.

If the already absentee players weren’t enough, Manchester United also had the unfortunate injury from Eric Bailly who left the pitch before the end of the first half.

The second half was incredibly dramatic for both squads, Paris Saint-Germain attempted to get that goal that gave them enough space to breathe because a single mistake could cost them another year without getting to the Champions League final and another disappointment.

The final minutes were quite dramatic, worthy of another one of those magical Champions League nights.

Manchester United held the fort throughout the next 45 minutes during the second half and they were only looking for one chance, which came in the final minutes due to a decision made by VAR.

During a long distance shot taken by Diogo Dalot, Kimpembe made a terrible mistake of hitting the ball with his hand inside the box but the referee didn’t call the penalty at first.

Fortunately for Manchester United, VAR intervened in due time and the replay gave them the chance to shockingly eliminate Paris Saint-Germain.

Marcus Rashford was the man responsible to take the penalty with no Paul Pogba to do so, the young English striker proved that he is one of the most valuable players of this squad that has been reborn from its ashes.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer just got himself a new contract as the Manchester United manager, he just did the impossible in a historic night.

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