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Viral – Arsenal fans fuming with Bayern and Gnabry deal

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Arsenal fans are furious with Bayern Munich after Arsene Wenger revealed how they used Werder Bremen to sign Serge Gnabry.

Arsene Wenger revealed how Arsenal lost out on the complete player Serge Gnabry.

He admitted the player was a fantastic talent but had some reservations about his attitude and work ethic.

The German international parted company with the Gunners back in 2016.

He was sold to Werder Bremen, but after only a year he moved on to Bayern Munich.

Speaking on beIN Sports, Wenger is insinuating that this second deal was agreed well in advance, perhaps even before he left Arsenal.

Wenger said:

“Bayern stole him from Werder Bremen.”

“Werder Bremen didn’t buy him from us Bayern did.”

“Six months after he left, less than a year he moved to Bayern.”

The Frenchman believes that Bayern did a behind closed door deal to secure the player on the cheap.

Arsenal fans have taken to the internet to express their disgust at the Bavarian giant’s apparent underhand tactics.

Surely if Arsenal had any inkling that the player was going to come good, would there not have been a buy-back clause. Perhaps they would have loaned him out a little longer to monitor his development.

Sounds like sour grapes, remember all is fair in love, war, and football!