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Viral – Ronaldo’s hair-do raises some eyebrows

cristiano ronaldo
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Cristiano Ronaldo is sporting new hair accessory that has sent the footballing fashionista’s into meltdown

Cristiano Ronaldo emerged on the field of play for tonight’s big UEFA Champions League game against Atletico Madrid.

All the initial excitement was that the Portuguese superstar had made it, after being a doubt for so long as to whether or not he would be fit enough.

But once he emerged and his place was clearly secured, the attention of the millions watching around the world turned to his latest fashion accessory.

Ronaldo was sporting a hairband.

The question on everyone’s lips is why?

This was not the attention that CR7 was hoping for I’m sure.

But maybe it is something other than his shirt to take off if he has another temper tantrum.

This is not his week in terms of being ridiculed.

He took some stick of his teammates in practice earlier, and now the world of social media is laughing too.

I hope you have a good sense of humor Cristiano.