Virgil van Dijk: Jurgen Klopp is very passionate

Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk reveals Jurgen Klopp can get very angry in Liverpool team meetings.

Virgil van Dijk is arguably the best defender in Europe at the moment, and one of the main reasons why the Reds are pushing champions Manchester City for the Premier League title.

However, he reveals Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp can get very angry in the club’s team meetings, even though the Reds have lost only one game in the league this season.

“He is hard to me and he has also given me confidence when I’ve needed it,” said the 27-year-old Liverpool defender on his interview with Gary Lineker. “He knows there’s definitely a lot of things that can improve still.

“He will not show anything else, he is who he is. He’s just like how you are as a player when things are going well you can be happy, and when things aren’t going well you can be very angry.

“He is very passionate. He will tell you the truth at all times. He won’t go beating about the bush. That’s something I personally like a lot and most of our players like it as well.

“We have plenty of meetings throughout the whole season where he is definitely not happy about some things.

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“That’s a good sign. Even when we’ve only lost one league game all season there have been some moments where we can do much better.”

With Liverpool going strong both in the Premier League and in Europe, the centre-half was asked about which honour would mean more to him.

“Would I sooner win the Premier League or Champions League? I can’t choose,” he said. “But the Premier League would be something special.

“This year, because the race is so tight it says a lot about the quality of our team if we do it. If not, then we should keep our heads high and try again, but that’s something we’re not focusing on right now.”


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