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Walker expects Sterling to become a better player

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Manchester City footballer Kyle Walker expects his teammate Raheem Sterling will only get better for the 2019-2020 English Premier League season.

England winger Raheem Sterling had what many have called his best season since he joined Manchester City.

He scored 25 goals and made 15 assists while lifting the English Premier League title.

And for his teammate Kyle Walker, he can only get better.

“If he keeps listening and getting advice from the gaffer and takes it on board, the sky is the limit,” said Walker to the BBC.

“The manager has worked with the best in (Lionel) Messi.”

“[Sterling] definitely got bad press when it wasn’t really called for,” he commented.

“He was a scapegoat and was targeted.”

“I can assure you, there a lot of players who have done a lot worse than Raheem [Sterling] and nothing has been said about them,” Walker continued saying.

“He deserves full credit to come out the other end and stay true to himself. It shows his character.”

“Vinny said the job wasn’t done,” said John Stones about Vincent Kompany who just left to Anderlecht.

“He was massively upset that we were not successful in the Champions League and it is something that, unselfishly, he wants us to do instead.”

“It’s definitely in our sights. It is such a major trophy. Every season we have got one step further and made gains in the competition but it has not been good enough,” he added.

“Domestically we have been successful. We need to take that into the Champions League now.”