Wanda Nara says she would step aside if Mauro Icardi asks her

Wanda Nara is not only the wife of footballer Mauro Icardi, but she’s also her agent and a TV personality.

Wanda Nara has revealed that she would step aside as Mauro Icardi’s agent if he ever asks her that.

“If one day Mauro were to ask me to stop being his agent, I’d do that,” Nara told Football Italia.

“Being his wife and agent doesn’t necessarily say much about me, it says more about Mauro, who had to show a lot of courage to choose me.”

“I became his agent because he often asked me for advice on decisions and contracts, then told me to do it myself,” she added.

“I never had a manager when I first started working, as I negotiated my own contracts.”

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She explained: “After school, I studied law and business, continuing to do that during my pregnancies.”

“When (ex-husband and former Sampdoria striker) Maxi Lopez’s agent came to our home, I’d leave the room so that I wouldn’t disturb them, but straight after he’d ask me for advice.”

“Being Mauro’s wife, I have no interest in making money behind his back, unlike others. In fact, I often gave up on my commission,” she continued.

“I could just sit at home and do nothing, but that wouldn’t be a good example for my kids. Besides, the final decision is always Mauro’s.”

Wanda Nara added: “Other agents defend their client on TV, so whether I am his consultant or not, I maintain Mauro is one of the best strikers in the world.”

“The fathers or brothers of agents often say incredible things and they have a different vocabulary to a mother or a wife.”


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