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Waris talks of the future after his injury

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Ghana international and Nantes striker Majeed Waris wants to return to full health after missing tournaments with his nation in 2015 and 2017

According to Majeed Waris, Nantes striker and Ghana international, his injuries are a thing of the past.

And now the striker wants to focus on the future, especially the Africa Cup of Nations.

“My dream of playing at the Nations Cup’s been on hold because I’ve been unfortunate with injuries in the past,” Waris told BBC Sport.

“It’s taken a lot out of me to truly understand my body and how to manage it after games.”

“After playing at the World Cup, I’d love the opportunity to play for my country at such a big continental tournament,” he commented.

“Now I play without any problems and hope it continues so I can get a chance to live this dream.”

“We have quality players in the national team and everyone will be fighting hard to earn a spot,” he explained.

“There are six important months between now and the tournament, so the hard work starts when the season resumes in France.”