Warnock was angry about a controversial call

Cardiff City lost 2-0 against Burnley, but during the match, there was a very controversial call that Neil Warnock didn’t like.

Burnley defeated Cardiff City 2-0 in yesterday’s English Premier League fixture.

But when the game was 1-0 after a goal by Chris Wood, assistant referee Darren Cann called a handball against Burnley’s Ben Mee.

And after a discussion with the whole official crew, referee Mike Dean decided not to call a penalty kick in favor of Cardiff.

Which made boss Neil Warnock very angry, but he didn’t want to get fined by the Football Association again.

“I’m just trying not to get fined. I’ve been advised. I’m absolutely distraught underneath,” he told Football 365.

“The linesman was adamant and the fourth official told me the referee hadn’t seen it and yet another linesman from 75 yards away has seen that it’s hit his head first and if it’s hit his head first then apparently it’s not a penalty.”

“I find that amazing that the other linesman is instrumental in overturning it. The linesman who couldn’t see a toe poke go out in the first five minutes,” he added.

“I wish we surrounded the ref a little bit as the Burnley lads do. He’s one of the best there is Mike Dean, so you’ve got to accept what he says I’m afraid. I don’t want any more charges, I’ve got three this week. I don’t want to have a hotel down there, do I?”

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He continued: “We feel that was the worst penalty shout of the lot. [Dean] said he made a meal of it. Taylor catches him right on his ankle bone.”

“We keep getting kicked in the teeth one after the other, but I can’t fault the lads, I thought they were super today.”

“Now we’ve got to once again overcome disappointments, decisions, and get ready for Brighton,” he added.

“If they beat us it’s probably all over isn’t it, so a lot depends on the night and if things go for you. I hope we have a bit more luck than we’ve had lately and we’re ready for it.”


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