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Wasted millions: Griezmann follows Coutinho’s trajectory

Coutinho, Barcelona, Griezmann
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The French forward has registered similar statistics as Coutinho following his multi-million Euro transfer from Atletico Madrid.

For Barcelona, the Neymar sized hole has become difficult to fill. Ever since the samba star left Catalonia, his former employers have failed to replace him.

His 222 million Euros transfer fee and more from the Cules bank account has been used to bring Ousmane Dembele, Philippe Coutinho and Antoine Griezmann. But to no avail.

And it looks as if the French forward is failing as emphatically as the now Bayern man, Coutinho.

Following his 130 million Euros transfer from Atletico Madrid in the summer nothing has changed.

Similar Statistics

According to Marca, the first three months comparison of the duo is in eerily similar. Coutinho featured in 1080 minutes to Griezmann’s 1047 minutes, while the duo have managed four goals and three assists. Even in defense the duo are similar. Coutinho recovered the ball 32 times to Griezmann’s 34 in the same time.

With his years in La Liga with Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid, the attacker was slated to perform better but has not fared any better than the disenfranchised forward.

While Coutinho was forced to integrate in Barcelona under the looming shadow of Lionel Messi in January, Griezmann has been lucky. The world cup winner has had a full pre-season under his belt but has failed to make the mark.

While the former Inter man lumbered in Messi’s presence, Griezmann has flattered to impress on his own. It seems as if with or without the pint-sized Argentine, Griezmann still has a way to go before adjusting to his new life at the Camp Nou.

Valverde under fire

And this is raising questions in the Barcelona backroom, with Ernesto Valverde coming under severe criticism.

The tactician has failed to integrate yet another marquee signing and Griezmann’s struggles in Catalonia are his fault. Barcelona’s bid for the French forward was on the cards despite him rejecting them last year. But the transfer has failed to live up to its reputation.

These problems have been exacerbated by the continuous rumors surrounding bust-ups between Griezmann and Messi.

Moreover, Pique’s statements on the squad being ready to take a pay cut to welcome back Neymar does not provide a good picture.

The rejection before the World Cup was a slight to Barcelona and it is coming back to haunt Griezmann. The forward seems to be toiling in unfavorable roles and in hostile home environments.