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We are good enough: Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City, Premier League
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According to Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola his team is strong and they still believe they can do well in the Premier League.

Manchester City won the last two English Premier League campaigns.

And the Citizens are currently sitting in the second position of the table six points behind leaders Liverpool.

But City manager Pep Guardiola still believes his team can do well in the campaign.

“We are good enough, we are strong enough, I think we believe in that. When you play these kinds of games and believe in that ‘OK, we are going to defend well because we are good’,” he told Sky Sports.

“Last game [against Palace] shows when you play good you defend less. When you don’t play good you concede a lot. It’s not about having two players who are going to defend for the 11 players.”

“What happens is when we make an incredible fluid game from the build-up, we concede few. When our build-up is wrong, you make a mistake in the first pass,” he commented.

“Against Wolves our build-up was not in our mind, we didn’t train it. It was my mistake. That happened and we concede a lot – that’s why it’s related.”

“It’s not about we defend well and after it’s enough – no. When you play good in some departments, pressing high is good and intense, we concede really few,” he added.

“I answer this question how many times about that for the first year. I answered in the first press conference here when I arrived four years ago about this question.”

“I answer many, many times and I have the same opinion. We are going to try but I don’t know who is going to win. If we win I’ll be happy – if we do not win we will try again next season,” he concluded.