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‘We are not Ronaldo’ – Serie B goalkeeper says some players will struggle with finances

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus
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Cristiano Ronaldo might not be affected financially by the ongoing situation but Cittadella goalkeeper says not all players should be judged the same way.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a superstar on the pitch and off it, the same still applies.

His brand has grown exponentially over the years and he’s clearly one of the highest earning athletes in world football.

For someone like Ronaldo, taking a pay-cut might not be a problem in this coronavirus pandemic, as the Portuguese even recently donated some supplies to a number of hospitals in Portugal.

Being the most followed personality on Instagram, Ronaldo also racks in good money off advertisements but sadly not everyone is like the 35-year-old.

Some players have been criticized for not taking pay-cuts with their respective clubs but Cittadella goalkeeper Alberto Paleari has implied all hands are not equal and people should not be quick to make judgments.

“If it was a question of delaying wages for a month and receiving a double payment at a later date, I would say yes without any hesitation,” Paleari told Telechiara programme Strictly Cittadella.

“But if it were a question of spreading my wages out for longer then in all honesty I would have to say no.”

“We are not like Ronaldo. If they take away two months of his wages then he would certainly not go into financial difficulty. If they take the same away from us, our landlord will come and knock on our doors looking for the rent.”

There has been lot of controversy as to whether players must forcefully take a pay-cut or not to support their club. One can’t deny that the statement above is clearly valid in an actual sense.

Not everyone is like Ronaldo, but the right thing right now will be for players ‘who can afford’ a pay-cut to do so gracefully as a sign of solidarity in this tough period.