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We honor legendary Andres Iniesta on his 35th Birthday

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On the day of his 35th Birthday, we do our best to honor Andres Iniesta by remembering some of the best moments of his impressive career.

Andres Iniesta turns 35 years old today, he is by far one of the best Spanish footballers of all time and he is still going at his age.

It was only last year when he was practically pushed out of FC Barcelona by the board of directors.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu will keep Andres Iniesta’s exit from the club as one of the worst mistakes he ever did, that and also pushing Xavi out.

Iniesta is a living legend of the game who is respected in every single corner of the world, even Real Madrid fans respect him for what he did in the 2010 World Cup with Spain.

Nobody will ever forget that goal he scored against the Netherlands in the final, that was one of the greatest moments in Spanish sports’ history that the people from that country will remember forever.

Andres will forever be paired with other legendary athletes such as Rafael Nadal, the Gasol brothers, or Fernando Alonso.

Iniesta has that special type of talent that only the best players in history have, he was often compared with the most elegant players who ever lived.

The exquisite football he always played was an ideal representation of a player who could play in a similar style of players such as Zinedine Zidane or Michel Platini.

The legacy Iniesta left at Barcelona.

As a midfielder for FC Barcelona, Andres Iniesta was one of the most advanced alumni from that school of football that Johan Cruyff implemented during the ’90s.

The Catalan club always tried to build players who could perform that possession-based style of football which brought Barcelona to success.

The Spaniard became one of the best examples that FC Barcelona often uses when they teach this philosophy to all the younger generations.

To this day, the Catalan club still hasn’t managed to find players who can carry with Iniesta’s tradition.

The appearances of players like Riqui Puig or Carles Aleña harbor some hope but nothing is certain yet.

Andres Iniesta will be impossible to replicate, he was truly unique and we may never see another player quite like him when he was in his prime.

The success he enjoyed at FC Barcelona spanned for nearly two decades, the club should’ve allowed him to remain there until the day of his retirement.

Despite turning 35 years old today, Andres Iniesta still keeps the same type of quality with the ball at his feet in the J-League from Japan.

The Japanese FA congratulated Andres on his birthday with a video showcasing his skills in Japanese soil.

Iniesta’s unique bromance with Xavi Hernandez.

The Spanish midfielder’s career can’t be quite understood without a figure who was always there to accompany him.

Xavi Hernandez always shared a brotherly bond with Andres Iniesta and their connection always transcended the sport.

They shared a locker room both at Barcelona and in the Spanish National Team, these two are possibly the most prolific midfield duo in football history.

When they were both at the top of their game, FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team were virtually invincible.

There is even a school of thought that believes FC Barcelona hasn’t won any major trophies in Europe because Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta split at a certain point.

The last season they played together in the same squad was the last season that the Catalan club won the Champions League.

These two had something special that didn’t only take them to win many trophies at Barcelona, but they also led the most successful period that the Spanish National Team ever had.

Together, Xavi and Iniesta won back-to-back European Championships with a World Cup in the middle.

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