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We might finally watch Neymar and Vinicius play for Brazil

Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid
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After a long wait, Vinicius Junior can finally play alongside Neymar with the Brazil National Team during the international break.

Perhaps it fell from your radar, but Neymar and Vinicius have been trying to play together in Brazil for quite a while now.

Both players are cut from the same cloth, they both represent that spirited ‘Jogo Bonito’ school of football from their country and they always remain in contact with each other.

Vinicius didn’t get to enjoy his compatriot at Real Madrid after his failed return to Spain, but he can at least enjoy him with the national team.

The youngster’s first call up from manager ‘Tite’ happened as something that he expected for a long time, he already missed the Copa America due to an injury but he always remained hopeful.

Now that he finally gets his chance, Vinicius can say that he has a shot at playing a few minutes in Brazil’s upcoming matches against Colombia and Peru.

The lad had been waiting for this opportunity for a little less than a year, he is fulfilling the dream that every child from his country has.

The welcoming party that received him was nothing short of amazing, he is arguably one of the most hyped players from his country in the last year.

Vinicius knows that he represents a lot of hope for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, which is why he wanted to meet with Neymar as soon as possible.

Vinicius and Neymar’s constant nods to each other.

Ever since Neymar was a player for Santos FC and Vinicius was just a kid, the Real Madrid player followed the star from the very beginning.

‘Vinny’ was already one of the most talented players from the Flamengo youth academy, and people already knew he would be a professional someday.

Since he started being famous, the youngster reached out to Neymar as a way to admire him.

Both of these footballers have a similar style of play, they are bold and they love to play that ‘Jogo Bonito’ style.

Whenever Neymar posted one of his many flicks and tricks during practice, Vinicius was always one of the first to leave a comment.

This helped their friendship grow into something beautiful, they’ve maintained contact for a few years already and the might finally get a chance to play together.

Vinicius already mentioned he was sad to know that he wouldn’t play with one of his idols at Real Madrid, but he is certainly happy that he can play with him in the Brazil National Team.

Both players finally had some time on the ball together in the city of Miami, where the Canarinha will play a friendly against Colombia next Friday.

How could Neymar and Vinicius play on the pitch?

Given that Neymar is a natural left winger, we all wonder how manager ‘Tite’ would use both of these players if they performed together on the pitch.

This brings us back to the days when Neymar performed at Barcelona, the months in which Leo Messi was injured and he had to take the lead.

During those moments, the Brazilian was requested to play as a playmaker right behind the strikers by Luis Enrique.

Instead of playing limited on the left side of the pitch, Neymar was free to roam all over the middle and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

We believe the ‘Tite’ would do the same as Luis Enrique did back then, he would use Neymar in the middle and leave Vinicius to play on the left side of the pitch.

The wing is the place in which the young player can perform at his best, he still needs to evolve a little more in different positions before he begins exploring them a little deeper.

Playing next to Neymar will be a learning experience for him, especially with the idea that both of them could be very important for Brazil during the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

Vinicius still has three years to adapt to Neymar’s game, this is more than enough for them to form a unique bond can bring a lot of success for the Brazil National Team during that year.

We might see them perform together for the first time ever on Friday.

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