We need to discuss Frenkie de Jong’s match vs Juventus

The performance that Frenkie de Jong gave against Juventus on Wednesday, will go down as one of the most impressive of his career at Ajax.

Before the match against Juventus, Frenkie de Jong himself stated that he wanted to play against Cristiano Ronaldo because he loves playing against the best players in the world.

This Dutch midfielder proved again that he is well on his way of becoming one of the best players in the world, he offered a memorable performance on Wednesday at Johan Cruyff Arena and he evoked some of the best Dutch players from his country’s history with the stats that he produced throughout the 90 minutes.

De Jong wasn’t able to prevent Cristiano Ronaldo from scoring his goal against Ajax, but he did prevent Juventus from winning the match with some brilliant moments of clarity that proved FC Barcelona made one of the best signings in recent history.

After the final whistle, pretty much all of the Catalan club’s supporters poured their admiration on Twitter for this young prospect who showcased his best football and how versatile he is with the ball at his feet.

The rival is of no consequence for Frenkie de Jong, he will play at his best regardless of who he is facing and he will do it in style both on offense and especially when he is trying to defend the ball.

We got an all-around player in our hands, one of the most exciting discoveries in recent memory.

Let’s break down this man’s numbers during the Juventus match, Frenkie de Jong became the youngest player with 21 years and 333 days to complete more than 117 touches of the ball since Sergio Busquets did it when Barcelona faces Juventus back in 2010.

Going deeper into the information from WhoScored, the Dutch player completed a total of 90 passes out of 98 attempts (91% accuracy), he created two chances, he won 9 out of 15 duels for the ball, he had 1 ball clearance, 3 interceptions, took 1 shot on goal, and made 5 out of 6 successful tackles throughout the game.

The man helped out his team constantly on defense, and he provided the most clarity to his teammates when he was on the ball.

We are looking at one of the most fearless players in Ajax’s recent history, Matthijs de Ligt also had a standout performance last night but De Jong was the absolute boss during this match despite having Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch.

The Dutch squad may not be able to qualify to the Champions League semifinals next week, but that will take nothing away from Frenkie de Jongs outstanding overall performance throughout the whole tournament.

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In order to further demonstrate what we mean when we say De Jong is an all-around player, we attached a small clip of a play where he looses the ball in midfield and wisely follows the whole counter-attack from Juventus until he finally decides to make the move to prevent them to get a clear shot on goal.

This isolated defensive demonstration describes Frenkie de Jong’s defensive match in a nutshell, he was the reason Juventus wasn’t able to score that second goal and even manager Massimiliano Allegri recognized it after the match ended in a draw that will force Juventus to go after the victory next week.

“De Jong is the real source of their game,” Allegri said via Four Four Two.

“We tried to control him with (Rodrigo) Bentancur in the early stages but, when he understood that, he moved deeper, and the forwards had to work hard on him. He played very well.”

“Ajax have great qualities. They keep the ball well even when there are no spaces. I think we defended well even if we had to be better when we won the ball in midfield.”

“We suffered after their goal because we were a bit shocked to concede immediately after the break but we defended well and finished the game better.”

What did you think about Frenkie de Jong’s performance against Juventus? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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