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We would be lost without Firmino: Klopp

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According to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, Roberto Firmino is one of the best players at the squad and he’s doing things very well.

For Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp there’s one player who has given his all to the squad in the English Premier League.

This is Roberto Firmino, who Klopp believes the team would be lost without him.

“Being skilled like Bobby is one thing. Mix it up with the attitude he puts in, that’s unbelievable,” he told talkSPORT.

“I’m not sure that mixture is there. Skills-wise, being there, passing in between, stuff like that, for sure there are some players, not really a lot but some.”

Klopp added: “But to mix those: wow. It’s exceptional.”

Teammate Andrew Robertson added: “He does everything, and that’s the beauty of Bobby. He can do it all. He’s our first line of defense, and I’ve not seen anybody better at doing that.”

“He presses the defenders and doesn’t give them a minute. He comes back and nicks the ball in midfield for us.”

“He’s so important defensively for us, then he goes up the park and scores goals and makes assists. That’s what we need him to do,” Robertson added.

“He’s a good trainer, he perhaps doesn’t work as hard as he does in a game, but he saves it for a Saturday. The work he puts in during games is probably more than any other striker in the world.”