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Welbeck awaiting UEFA decision after dive

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The Gunners’ striker dived and won a penalty for his team in a very crucial moment of the Europa League fixture.

Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck will find out on Monday whether he will face any kind of punishment for his alleged dive in the Gunner’s 3-1 win over AC Milan on Thursday.

The Rossoneri were leading 0-1 at the Emirates Stadium in London, when the striker went down after a challenge from Ricardo Rodriguez, winning a penalty and then converting it into a goal to put things back to level.

It is understood, however, that UEFA will review the situation and decide whether Welbeck should receive further punishment for his actions.

Meanwhile, Wenger said after the game: “I haven’t seen it again. I will watch it again and give my honest feeling about it. I will give him my honest feeling about it as well [if I view it as a dive], don’t worry.” The Frenchman is quoted by Sky.

“There’s two things: was it a penalty or not? I don’t know. The Italian players were unhappy with it. I can understand that, because I don’t really know what it was.”